About Us

FALCON SCAFFOLDING FACTORY established in 2006, 100% local Company with main office in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Today the company is recognized as a pioneer in offering and its distribution of world class product lines to variety of areas such as distribution and manufacturing of scaffolding materials.

Falcon Scaffolding Factory company engage mainly in the field of Construction. It is operating throughout the Gulf Area Specialized in Scaffolding, Support Systems and Formwork Material.

Our Range of Products are :

  • Access and forklift support system
  • Wall form work and accessories
  • Light weight scaffolding
  • Aluminium and wooden ladders
  • Props and push pull props
  • Scaffold tubes and fittings
  • Aluminium mobile towers
  • Access powered platforms

With the Falcon Scaffolding Factory can produce Scaffolding Material and other Construction material with relevant technical specification for their various locations. As the requirement is an ongoing process, a complete manufacturer with all facility is ideal solution. It would be ideal to choose Falcon Scaffolding Product, so that your company can achieve quality scaffolding on the regular basis.